Hospitality Treasure Hunt

Hospitality Treasure Hunt
Find the Forgotten First Ladies

The Treasure Hunt moves clock-wise around the PoliticalFest Exhibit room.

When George Washington became president, the US capitol was in New York.  The wife of the First Treasury Secretary went from visiting Martha Washington at her house on Broadway to appearing on Broadway two hundred years later.  Find her picture.

The Declaration of Independence was passed by the Continental Congress on July 4th.  Find the July 2nd “Declaration of Independency” voted on that first declared the United Colonies independent. 

When Independence was declared, we actually had two first ladies: Martha Washington, the wife of the Commander-in-Chief, and Dolly Hancock, the wife of the President of the Continental Congress.  Find:

  • A portrait of Dolly’s husband, John Hancock;
  • A picture of Martha Washington’s weekly reception for diplomats, congressmen, and the public.    
  •  Extra points:
o   Can you find George Washington? 
o   What about Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton?

The paintings you see are portraits of men who served as presidents before George Washington.  Can you find a picture of a First Lady from that time?

  • Who was a poet?  (Hint: she was the President’s sister, not his wife) 
  • Who was a Lady from Scotland?

Even before Reality TV, Little People were celebrities.  Can you find a photo (by famed Civil War photographer Matthew Brady) of two Little People who had a wedding reception at the White House?

Deciding what to serve guests is an important part of hospitality.  Find a menu for visiting dignitaries.

Jackie Kennedy was known for her fashion sense.  Can you find a receipt for a coat she had delivered to the White House?

The United States sent a man to the moon for the first time in 1969.  Find

  •          Something that went to the moon. 
  •        A photo of the President and First Lady from that time
On the 4th floor, you can see some pieces of Presidential China.  Can you find a picture of the First Lady with her china?

The convention is expected to nominate a woman for president for the very first time.  Can you find a picture of a woman who ran for president in 1972?  What is her name?

Documents are fascinating; they can also be valuable.  By the door is a frame with 3 documents.  Two of them are deliberate forgeries.  Which is the real one?

What do you think?  The wife of the president is called “The First Lady.”  What would we call the husband of the president?

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